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    Your Polishing Regime

    Just wandering what everyone's polishing regime was. I'm trying to perfect mine at the moment to get that dream shine but everyone has differing opinions on what you should do.

    So what I would like to know is:

    1) What do you use? Polish, wax, cream? At the moment I use polish for my plain colours and neutral cream for any shoes that have a variety of shades.

    2) How long to you leave polish/cream on? Some say overnight, some say as little as 3 minutes

    3) How do you get that shine? Extra layers of polish? Just a quiff buff? A slightly damp cloth?
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    I start by wiping off any dirt and dust with a damp cloth, then leave that to dry off. Then I use some coloured leather cream from Jones Boot Makers to nourish the leather, I leave that on until its dried then buff it off with another cloth.

    Then I use polish (its Loake stuff that came with my double monks), I apply it with a horsehair brush because its quicker and leave it on overnight so it really soaks in. You don't need to use loads of polish, a light covering is all you need and you only need the one layer. I buff it off with another brush in the morning, it gets a nice shine going but if you want a serious shine you need to use a cloth and a tiny tiny bit of water. just a drop or to on the cloth.

    I don't like super shiny shoes.

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