For the past few years I've been a Chuck Taylor + Skinny Jeans loyalist.
Recently been trying to revamp a little, updating my style - I want to aim for something slightly more stylish and grown up, yet maintaining an inherently casual element & 'scruffy' charm - as that is ultimately my individuality and character.

A recent example of the revamp - I bought some Clark's originals tan desert boots a few months ago, that I pair with Levi's skinny jeans and either an chambray or oxford shirt with sleeves rolled up/ a crew neck sweatshirt.
Problem is, it's getting rainy & suede + rain gives me headaches!
I like the look of the workwear/heritage hybrid of chunky cable knit socks + hiking boot combination, - Turning up my chinos/jeans to show the socks, rather than tucking it in, which I think is less subtle. I don't want to be too eye-catching, and would like to keep the boots ankle height, similar to the height of a desert boot.

I've been looking at these as an idea (though probably too expensive) :Fracap Lace-Up Boot - Paleari - & wanted to get opinions :
- Does anyone know of any cheaper alternatives? Or maybe a better suggestion?
- Do people think that that look will help achieve where I want to take my style, or are there any other ideas that might work better?
- I've noticed this style of chunky hiking boot may be combined with looser fitting jeans for a more urban, rapper-style look - something i'd like to avoid like the plague. Do you think there's a danger of the look getting mixed up with that?
- I'd also like to avoid looking like I'm wearing functioning hiking boots for a walk in the country, rather than a stylised boot inspired by hiking boots. Do you think there's a danger of that, if the look isn't pulled off?

Desert boots is the only look I've tried to pull off besides Converse pretty much ever, so looking for some advice on it! So.. what's the consensus ?

Thanks all!