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    How Many Pairs Of Shoes I Need?

    Hello everybody, I got a question. I readed in some fashion related articles that man has to change leather shoes / boots at least once per two days so there would be no bad smell. Article said that leather needs at least day-two to get dry. I`m using shoes to go outside for few hours per day. So question is: is that article true? I need to be sure because buying 3-4 pairs of shoes is very expensive for me and I wanted to buy only one pair for daily wearing.

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    That is only a practical consideration for men with loads of money, just stick to one pair and look after them well, put shoe trees in them as soon as you take them off, and give them as much time as possible to dry out and rest, keep them well polished and they'll be fine; they might not last quite as long as if you can give them a day or two to rest but they'll still give you your money back.

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    I disagree (although to be fair I've never conducted a test!).

    If you're taking about good leather work shoes, then I would say 2 pairs, which you can alternate each day. If you're talking about cheap shoes, then they're pretty much disposable anyway, so you can wear them til they wear out.

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