I assume you all know who Damon Salvatore ( Ian Somerhalder ) is.
He is my style icon, but i'm even more on the dark side, goth-y side.
So i'm trying to do something like this :
Doc Martens 1460 8\10 eyelet, black polished
Black jeans, nicely fitted, not baggy not skinny
Plain black ( or dark colored ) t-shirts, button-up shirts, jumpers
And for chilly times, a nice coat.

I like to keep it really simple, dark, and mysterious, as some would say.
My question is : what is your opinion on tucking\blousing\cuffing my jeans? to reveal Doc Martens totally or to keep them normal, under jeans? My opinion is that it still shows all important details of Doc Martens (shape, yellow stitches, sole), but still looks normal and overally more acceptable socially .

And, if helps, I'm tall, normal weight, really noticable eyes ( a bit bigger green-ish\blue-ish eyes ), and little above shoulder length curly hair.