Does anybody know where I can get a pair of cowboy style ankle boots for men that aren't too loose around the ankle? I just ordered a pair of Grinders boots from Amazon. That's the sort of style I'm after, but I'm not fussed about cuban heels etc. Black or dark brown. Black chelsea boots would be OK too. The trouble with those is they're too loose, so they would slop around on my feet when I walk. But they're not too long, meaning that if I try to go a size down they'll pinch my toes. This seems to be the case with every pair of elastic-sided or zip-up boots I've tried on in the last few years.

Are women's boots generally tighter than men's? I'm only size 8 UK (42 Eur) so I can get away with women's boots if they're not too effeminate in style. But the cowboy style ones usually look as if they're even wider about the ankle then men's.