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    Black shoes / Brown shoes

    It's that dilemma.

    Recently started to throw out the old and move into a more 40's age related style. Not overly radical, but none the less, a little more
    subtle than before.

    So, couple of pairs of dark blue / indigo jeans, straight leg and go nicely with light tan shoes i already have.

    I have recently bought these:

    Gould Black | H by Hudson

    On receipt they are a little more black than they appear in the photo, i really like them, but hung up on the black shoes and jeans doesn't work one liners.

    Style is generally dark straight jeans (501's), white shirts, v necks, blazer (herringbone & Navy options). I think they work...but just not convinced and struggling with returning them!

    Any feedback appreciated

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    They look slightly reddish to my eye in that photo. Personally I dont like black shoes with Dark blue Jeans either but these look like they could work. I think the deal with the no black shoe with jeans thing is the amount of men wearing ugly square toe shoes and boot cut and generally ill fitting shoes, which give it a bad name. But with nice fitting jeans and non fugly shoes I cant see why it cant work.

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