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    Vibram / Micro Sole shoes

    So, following on from MarcLagers post about the asos micro sole brogues, quick question for any of you who have shoes with Vibram / Micro soles, how durable are they? Specifically the sole material, not the overall shoe!

    I walk to and from the train station every day for work, probably about 3 miles round trip, done at high pace normally! Unfortunately I tend to be fairly heavy on my heals at the best of time, so recently I have been wearing trainers to work (the dress code is pretty non-existent) to save destroying my shoes.

    I really want to smarten up my look at work so I was thinking a vibram sole might be perfect!

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    I don't own a pair myself (sadly) however I just visited the Vibram website and the soles are designed for: work, outdoor, recreation and fashion so you would expect a high quality sole. Additionally it says that they are suitable for everything from abseiling to boating so it seems like a very worthwhile investment. Go for it. I think I might get some deck shoes with Vibram for my sailing activities now.

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