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    Brown shoes - Do I or Don't I?

    Hey guys, could do with some new suit shoes and was wondering whether to go brown. I'd wear the shoes 2-4 times a week predominantly with a shiny dark grey suit but occasionally I wear a black suit. So I was wondering whether to go for a safe black pair for both suits, a brown pair for both suits (my preferability) if they go, or get brown but only pair them with the grey suit?

    Need your advice guys!

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    Never have brown shoes with a black suit, so I would stick to black at the moment - or invest in a navy suit which is more versatile. Grey and brown is expectable but really depends upon the shade of grey, if you have a dark shade of grey it would be better with black, if its light brown is okay but the brown shoes must be of darker shade of brown (chocolate brown or light ebony) and tan brown doesn't really work (although so say it does).

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