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    Boots For This Season - Suggestions/Atlernatives to Hiking Boots

    Now the seasons are progressing, I'm looking into buying a new pair of boots/decent winter shoe.

    Problem is I dislike the whole hiking style that's coming into play and I've moved on from the military style!

    Anyone have any suggestions?

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    i didn't use to like hiking boots, but have slowly become to like them a bit more. what do you think of brogue boots?

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    Hey House,

    I'm not a massive fan of the hiking phase that came in either. Not sure about you but I prefer a good pair of Chelsea boots. These bad boys are formal and informal, all year round wearers and will always give you sartorial brownie points. Minus points are that they normally come quite expensively. I bought mine from a wonderful independent shoe shop in Edinburgh in the sale, so keep your eyes peeled for something similar.
    If not, how about a classic brogue boot? Also a boot that will always be on trend (like a brogue shoe), these will also be in/formal and get you noticed.

    Urban Outfitters normally have a varied bunch from some really nice brands. Checkout Hudson, Grenson or if so inclined, you can't go wrong with a Dr Marten boot.

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    Brogue boots, definitely. Grenson's are amazing if your budget will stretch that far.

    If not the Mr.B Blake boots are a great alternatively (and almost impossible to tell from the Grenson at first glance).

    Mr B's Blake boot (£115)

    Grenson's Fred boot (£195)

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