I would like to buy a pair of Clarks boots.
I could only find (and try) several models at physical stores in my country.
For example the "Fawley Hi GTX" model is very wide, but I don't know about most others because they are not available here.

I've decided to acquire them online but I need your opinion to be sure. I have a small and thin foot.

I would like to know what models are supposed to be narrower or fit tigther, please.
Any opinion would be great.

GarnetTop GTX.
MidfordTop GTX.
Naylor Mid GTX.
Rockie Hi GTX.
Naylor Limit.
Shapwick Manor.
Senner Rise. (This is the only model I could confirm is slightly narrow).
Midford Edge.
Motive Mix.
Rapple Fall.

As you see I'm looking for urban boots.
I've already contacted with the clarks customer support but they replied they aren't sure.