I was picking up a new MTM suit from Copperfield on Tuesday (a good tailors incidentally, expect to pay somewhere around the 350-450 mark) and noticed boxes of Stemars piled everywhere. Apparently, they've not sold well for the chap who owns the place; how he's just trying to get rid of them, in the hope of breaking even on the whopping license fee he'd paid for them.

Stemar are a little-known Italian brand born out of the original manufacturers of Moreschi, I believe, after they sold up to one of the big fashion houses. They retail in Harrods at roughly the sort of price you pay for Church's and Crocketts.

I have a nice pair of their loafers but don't need any more right now. The tailor's stocking penny loafers and a few lace-ups in a variety of colours at around the 200 mark which in my view is pretty decent. I don't know how good their lace-ups are, but I have a lot of time for most of Stemar's loafers. If you're on the lookout for some new shoes and are around Moorgate one day then I'd suggest you pop in and have a look before they go.

They've not got me on a retainer or anything, but the owner's a decent enough chap and I felt like doing him a favour and getting the word out a bit.

Best wishes