I have a size 11-6e foot (though sometimes I can get away with a 4e), which is about 4 sizes wider in width than anything you find in a store. It's time to kick things up a notch at work. I work in non-profit and am preparing for a transition from the field (where I can where whatever I want) to management and PR. Therefore, I need something nicer than good runners. Currently, I go through Zappos for my footwear. They've been great for sneakers, but for nicer shoes, they leave something to be desired. For dress shoes, I'm not worried, but for a good business casual or informal evening event with clients shoe, I'm having some trouble. Most of their "Oxfords" are just brown or black sneakers and they look terrible. I can't post any links being that this is my first post, but the closest I've found to anything decent were:

Rockport Proper Place Almartin Chili Leather (I'm not sure how I feel about brown and black together. Tacky?)
Bostonian Andover Burgundy Leather (Not bad looking, but they look flimsy)
Dunham Camden in Tan (Too casual?)

Zappos is the only online retailer I know about that caters to my size and price range (about $150 max, I am in non-profit after all). Are any of these a good choice or is there somewhere else I should be looking? Thanks.