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    Fake Converse Chuck Taylors?

    Hi all,

    I picked up a new pair of Chuck Taylors today in Amsterdam. The store I bought them in is a reputable store and they are at several locations around the Netherlands. Since I have always had I pair of Chuck Taylors I stupidly decided not to try on the shoe. When I got home I noticed something that were different from my previous pair (an added thing to the tongue) and I'm not sure if Converse have made changes to the shoe or I picked up a fake pair (yeah I might come of as crazy )

    Anyway, I took some pictures and could you guys tell me what you think?

    This is the feature on the tongue that my previous pair did not have.

    Here are few other pictures of the logos.

    On my previous pair, the logo on the back had a black border around it and all the text was in black.

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    Look fine to me.

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    [ignore] Check the eyelets too, if there is 8+ on one side they're definitely fake. Converse shouldn't go over 7 eyelets on one side. But they look fine to me!

    Actually, disregard my advice. I just noticed they're high-tops they're fine if they have 8+ eyelets my bad, it's a bit late.
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