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    Help Finding Tassel Loafers

    Hi Guys

    Iíve been trying to find a nice pair of tassel loafers and what Iíd have thought would be an easy thing is turning into a seemingly impossible task.

    These loafers in Reiss are exactly the kind of style that I want but I donít want to spend £245 on a pair of shoes that will mainly be worn in the summer and on holiday. Maximum budget is around £100.

    I quite like these in Massimo Dutti but think Iíd prefer leather to suede:

    Which brings me round to these in Zara. Aesthetically, I think they are lovely and I really like the woven design. From that perspective, they are my favourite.

    However, my concerns are: 1) the quality of Zaraís shoe construction isnít particularly great and; 2) Iím concerned these are listed as 90% polyurethane so they arenít leather which seems strange given Zara are charging £80 for these which is definitely on the high side of what they normally charge for shoes. Link provided below for info.

    WOVEN MOCCASIN - Shoes - MAN | ZARA United Kingdom

    Iíd appreciate everyoneís thoughts and also any suggestions of a nice tassel loafer that fits the kind Iím looking for.

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    I really don't know how they'd make woven shoes like that out of leather. I'd imagine that if they did it'd be a very time-consuming and expensive process.

    I bought a pair of £80 Zara shoes and immediately returned them. For the price the quality just isn't there, I'd definitely suggest shopping around in the sales.

    Edit: If your budget is £100 I can't see you doing any better than these:

    Bass Weejuns Larking Cognac Loafer Shoes 54785

    They also have them in other colours - black, navy, burgundy...
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    I'd go with either the Bass Weejuns that BrightonMike posted, or Hudson have some nice tassel loafers too:


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    flippin eck, i bought those M&S ones 3 weeks ago and now theyre in the sale!! But would recommend them, great quality and look extremely good.

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