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    2 questions about suede shoes

    I have an old pair of suede shoes-unfortunately their shape is lost.More specifically when I wear them the do not fit well on my feet,I feel the like floating.

    Can I do anything to fix this problem,somehow?
    They are Timberland,so I care a lot.

    The other question has to do with a pair of moccasins I have.I think they have a stain in the toe(see image below) and my question is if it is possible to remove it. From a web search I made,it seems that can make the stain go away.

    But I want you to see the image and hear what do you have to say about it.

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    Suede shoes are easy to stretched if they're too small, but harder to shrink if they're too big.

    They can be shrunk by soaking them in water, but not a lot. I'm sure you can find guides to do it with a quick search, but I'm doubtful the results will be great. Then again, it might be worth a try if they're useless in their current shape.

    Make sure you use a shoe tree if you try to shrink them, otherwise I think they'll lose shape completely.

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