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    Caring for my Dune Brogues

    So i've had a pair of tan Dune Braker brogues for just under a year and not been taking care of them. The unpredictable weather doesn't help and you get wet socks through the leather soles. What should I be doing?

    On one of the shoes the rubber (?) on one of the heels has come off/worn away and the heel has started to wear down a little and I want to obviously stop this. Is it expensive to replace that bit of material on the heel?

    Should the rubber be wearing down already in under a year?

    BRAKER - Brogue Lace Up Oxford Shoe

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    Rubber wear is not surprising at this price point if you've been wearing them a bit

    It's cheap to replace the heel bit

    Nothing you can do about leather soaking thru to your socks n the wet really. Some insoles might help, if the shoe will accommodate them

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ivan Condor Aasllani View Post
    Nothing you can do about leather soaking thru to your socks n the wet really.
    You can have a cobbler fit a thin layer of rubber to leather soled shoes or boots which stops water getting through. It's glued on then cut to fit.

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