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    Mens Brogue/Derby Shoe Help

    I don't have any decent pairs of leather shoes, and I feel that that I really need to be spending some cash in this neglected area of my wardrobe.

    I tend to prefer shoes that are smart/casual, formal style shoes don't seem to integrate very well into my the looks that I try to put together.

    I have quite a specific type of shoe shape and feel that Im looking for.

    - Tan or brown Coloured
    - Leather
    - Elegant tapered look but not "pointy"
    - Low profile heel,not into big chunky heels

    Here's a few of the brands I have been looking at

    - Paul Smith
    - Grenson
    - Swear
    - Kurt Geiger

    Any other shoe brands that are worth looking at?

    I really like these paul smith ones alot, they have the kind of toes shape and detailing im looking for but suede is no good

    Liking the pair this chap is wearing too

    Cheers folks

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    Melbourne, Australia
    Sounds like we have a similar situation going on here as I posted for similar help due to a habit of gravitating towards smart casual style shoes a day earlier! I will keep an eye on your thread and you may want to do similar with mine. Some of the suggestions have been very helpful.

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