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    How To Get Rid Of Watermarks On Leather Shoes

    I have some relatively new Brogue shoes and unfortunately because I live in the UK it constantly rains! My new shoes have developed some watermarks and I have no idea how to get rid of them. Anyone help?

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    I'm afraid this is a case where prevention is much better than cure. If you want it done properly take them to a specialist.

    OK, now I make no claims about the possible solutions to your problem being perfect and its a case of making the best of a bad job.

    First off, if you read anywhere to rub at the shoe with an eraser or, god forbid, a nail file (or any other implement), don't! It will just take layers of the leather off and you'll be left with an even worse mess.

    Try a soapy water solution. Don't apply it directly yo the shoe, but dip a cloth into a bowl of soapy water and dab the whole shoe. You are not aiming to soak the shoe, just to dampen it a little. Dry the entire shoe as much as possible. the theory is that you are drying the entire shoe at the same rate at the same time and therefore it should dry without staining. Stuff the shoe with newspaper and let it dry naturally.

    If that fails, I've heard that alcohol (vodka apparently) or a watered down vinegar/lemon juice solution dabbed on with a cotton pad might work.

    Good luck.

    And go buy some leather waterproof spray!

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    Polish vigorously, it should help to lessen any impact the watermarks have on the over all look, otherwise I would suggesting giving them to a specialist if it concerns you a lot. Sadly, as Jay said, this is more a case of prevention rather than cure

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