It seems that as we grow as a forum we are going to attract those people that want to abuse the facility and either promote irrelevant content/companies/websites or just generally spam the conversations.

Obviously I want this forum to remain unbiased and non-commercial so we can discuss all the latest in the world of fashion objectively and create a community feel.

With that being said, if you see people blatantly abusing the forums by posting multiple threads from their blogs, self advertising in posts or generally just trying to promote something without giving anything to the community:

PLEASE USE THE REPORT LINK - it is a red link you can find at the bottom of any individual post.

This isn't 'snitching' or anything like that. I get an email telling me about the violation and can make the decision myself about whether to ban the user or delete posts etc.

If individuals are trying to sell you stuff via PM's or emails, please let me know of this direct via a private message. You can do this for any concerns you have about individual users as well.

Unfortunately I had to ban someone this morning who posted 42 threads that were copy and pasted from his personal blog. This would of been done a couple of hours earlier if a user had just clicked the report link on one of them.

Thanks guys, and together let's make this community the best place to come to discuss fashion and style.