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    Flyknit's VS Huarache's VS Free Run's -Which should I buy??

    Recently I bought a pair of Nike Flyknit trainers to see what they were like, I thought I'd be bold and go for a bright colour because I hate dull shoes. I bought these Buy *Nike*Flyknit+ Trainer*- Mens Fashion Online at Size? without noticing that depending on your choice of colour they look kind of pink even though I think they are orange, and they don't really fit with anything in my wardrobe. However I really want the lunar chukka versions but in grey Buy *Nike*Lunar Flyknit Chukka*- Mens Fashion Online at Size? but I can't find anywhere with a size 11!

    So I'm trying to decide on what trainers to get,

    out of some maybe darker flyknit's / chukka's

    some Huarache's which I have heard are really comfy and I think look pretty cool even if some don't

    Or maybe some Free Run's I haven't tried any of these but my friend really loves them

    If anyone has some good recommendations I'd love to check any of them out, I love trainers/sneakers and I like quirky kinds of trainers rather than stuff like Jordans or Blazers that everyone has completely rinsed nowadays.

    To give you an idea of what I usually wear- dark ish usually indigo wash slim jeans nothing baggy, and I don't really wear chino's or shorts a lot either and as it's winter that would be weird. I usually keep my tops plain as in grey or white with other colours like red, blue, or purple.
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