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    Van slip on problems

    I love slip on shoes like those from vans,
    however the common problem I have with them are
    1. where the toe bends, the white soles (the sides) begin developing cracks there. usually within 6 months. I have two pairs of vans and I rotate them, yet they still form.

    2. in the same area, but on the top of the shoe, creases begin to form and discolor. I'm guessing this could be prevented with the use of a shoe tree.

    does anyone else have this problem?

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    That's just the nature of Vans I'm afraid. The way the sole is attached is prone to splitting in those areas and the fading can't really be prevented either from my experience anyway. It's never bothered me as I like the worn in look but you might have to find a more expensive alternative to avoid these issues.

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    I used to buy two pairs a year for this reason. It wasn't bad as the canvas ones were about 40 at the time but surprising its such a mainstay defect considering the majority of their target market

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