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    How Much For Vans?

    I have a pair of Black Vans Lo Pro Era shoes and I want to sell them. Problem is their condition. I wore them once for about an hour before deciding they weren't the shoes for me. However I can't list them as new, even though they look it, because of some slight creases on the front of the shoe which you would expect from walking in them. How much do you think I should ask for them on the Asos market place? Thanks.

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    Should set the buyer back about 20 + all his dignity.

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    Used to love vans back in 04, 05 etc, I think at that point it was just me in my city wearing them and a few student types who knew their clothes. Now I wouldn't be seen dead in any of them except maybe the plain black authentics with the jet black sole and only if I had money to waste. Too many d***heads wear them know. Same for Superdry. Also my first pair cost about 29. Now they're about 45-50 for some bog standard Vans.

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    I try to shop sale, I got my last pair for only 20 dollars CND. That is is about 13. Usually a pair here is between 20 - 60 dollars, and that's on the high street!

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