So you’ve got your grey socks. You also have your black socks. And just because you were feeling adventurous that day, you happen to have some navy socks too. Surely you’ve got the sock department covered now? Right? Wrong. I think one of the most underrated and under-used part of the everyday male’s wardrobe is socks, and if people understood a few basic rules in regards to them, we all would start to have a lot more fun with them.

The easiest way to get your head around incorporating interesting socks into your look is to think of them as an accessory. By which I mean put them in the same category as your watch, scarves and pocket squares. View them as a really easy way to add a shot of colour, especially for the cold months that are ahead of us, and just a great way of showing that you have a bit of character and can have fun with fashion.

So start looking into other sorts of socks outside of your usual neutral go-to versions. Just from what I’ve seen at New York’s Fashion Week a lot of designers are using bold solid colour socks to add some life into otherwise very traditional pieces. But the key here is that you are aware of the other colours that are already in your outfit.

For example, in Michael Bastian’s show he paired some bright yellow socks with an extremely well fitting grey plaid suit. The suit itself was medium grey; the pattern was muted and paired with a white shirt and black tie combo. With the rest of the outfit consisting of neutral colours he was free to play around with the colour of the socks. And so are you… just remember to keep everything else in neutral colouring, pick a bright solid sock in any colour and don’t forget to cuff those trousers!

However, if you do feel like incorporating some colourful socks into a look that already has some then there is only one thing to remember – stay inbred; keep it all in the family. So if you are already wearing a red cardigan, why not go for something in pink or a lighter/darker shade of red? One of my friends is particularly fond of this and nearly always matches the colour of his socks to whatever family his jumpers or cardigans are in. It’s a great way to give your outfit some subtle cohesion.

Another option available for you is socks that have some kind of pattern on them, mainly stripes or checks. Obviously, this is a simple way to bring something quirky into a look so long as you remember some key points. Firstly, when picking the sock try to make sure it still contains a neutral element to it. So if it’s a striped sock make sure at least one stripe is neutral and that the other colours involved compliment rather than clash with each other.

The same also goes for the rest of the clothes involved. Try and make sure that the colours in your socks are either picking out a colour already involved or are complimenting instead.