So with the recent article on watches out of the way, let’s move from the wrist down to the hands shall we? With the recent post-apocalypse weather that we’ve been experiencing here in England it seems only fitting that we run down what options guys have when it comes to gloves. And trust me there are plenty.

With the emergence of numerous new trends to be a part of this autumn/winter, gloves have really started to become an integral part of a man’s look. As well as the practical aspect of gloves preventing frost bite and general discomfort, they allow you to add that little bit of flair to an outfit.

Types of Gloves

Now the two different types of gloves that are available to you are either leather or knitted. As usual with any accessory, it will come down to personal preference but I would say that if you can afford to do so; buy both. The reason for this is because the two different materials offer two very different connotations when worn with an outfit.

Leather is the luxury option of course. It communicates that you are a gentleman who understands that while wool may keep your hands warm, it’s leather that keeps the cold out. Leather is also useful if you happen to do a lot of driving or enjoy being dexterous as well as warm. Most of these types of gloves will come in the traditional leather colours available but it’s important to bear in mind that it isn’t necessary to match them to your other leather items such as shoes, belt or jacket. Often the contrast can help both the gloves and the other item stand out or ‘pop’ more.

With knitted gloves you get a slightly different feel. Wool is a far more comforting material than the sometimes cold leather and shows that you prefer to feel a bit more cosy and comfortable when you dress. Also you get the added bonus of being able to incorporate a pattern into your look too. For example, Fair Isle and Alpine patterns are still really big this season and there are plenty of stores and designers that are using them in their gloves. A glove with one of these patterns on them would be a great nod towards the trend when paired with an oversized chunky cardigan/jumper, cargo pants and woollen beanie.

Both of these styles of gloves can also be found in fingerless versions but I’ve never really been a fan of fingerless gloves of any material for the primary reason that they leave your fingertips completely frozen. I know certain aspects of fashion are meant to be uncomfortable but when this is applied to accessories things have gone too far.

There has also been a rise in gloves that combine the best of both worlds – where the main body of the glove is made from leather and then the fingers and wrist sections are made from wool. They are a really interesting concept and think they could work very well within a military-inspired look.

Ways To Wear

As always here are some fool proof ways of incorporating gloves into your wardrobe:

  • Go all out English Gentleman and combine some wool suit trousers, a striped oxford shirt under a quilted jacket with some leather gloves in either black or brown. Then top it off with some black alpine boots (the best shoes to handle snow because they were designed to) and tuck your trousers into them.
  • With your chunky cardigans pair some knitted gloves, maybe in an interesting Fair Isle or ethnic pattern. Try and invest in a pair that extend further towards your elbow so that you can layer them over your knitwear to create an enhanced modern layered look.
  • If the weather ever finally gets up above 1 or 2 degrees why not try pairing some leather gloves with your leather jacket? Reach for your classic black bomber-style leather jacket and then invest in some caramel leather gloves. The juxtaposition will work, trust me.

So there you have it guys another piece to add to the arsenal of accessories that you are accumulating at the moment. I think the most important thing about gloves is to view them as a separate piece to the rest of your wardrobe.