This week I want to talk a little bit about probably one of my most favoured items of clothing; the jumper (or sweater as our American counterparts call them).

I’m a real big advocate of these little beauties for two simple reasons. The first is that they are essentially seasonless so you can reach for one at any time of the year and you will look good. The second reason is because no matter what body shape or size of man you are a jumper can be incorporated into your wardrobe extremely easily and can be used to give other items you already have a more formal, less formal or all round more stylish feel.

You also get a lot of choices when it comes to your jumpers too. Materials range from cottons in the summer to wool’s in the winter and cashmere all year round, with the knits coming in varying thickness and styles. For the case of simplicity – and because it is aimed at fashion beginners – I am only talking about long sleeved traditional jumpers in this article; cardigans (which I am a big fan of too), polo shirts and turtle-necks will covered at a later date.

The jumpers I’m talking about come in either a V-neck or a crew-neck. It usually comes down to personal preference in regards to these cuts, but I would say that if you’re a man with a broader jaw line than the average male, V-necks give you a little extra room below the neckline and draw less attention to the chin. Crew-necks are also great for being worn by themselves or with a shirt but if you like showing off your ties or enjoy the layered look again a V-neck would a better option as it reveals more of the layers below.

Similarly, when it comes to colours, personal preference is paramount and always bear in mind what other colours are in your existing wardrobe because, after all, more often than not you will be pair your jumpers with them. I would say try to have one black V-neck for semi-formal occasions to wear with a shirt and tie and either a navy or medium grey jumper in either style to pair with whatever suits your fancy that day. In the summer you can go for lighter pastel shades in sky blue, pink, yellow and greens because they always look better in the summer sun and can be used within the whole French Riviera look that is a big Spring/Summer trend each year.

How To Wear Ideas

As always, here are some fool-proof ways of wearing a jumper:

  • Combine a neutral V-neck jumper in black, grey, navy or brown with a burst of colour by wearing a coloured crew neck T shirt underneath it. Try out purples, reds and greens and see which ones you like. Then pair them with dark denim jeans and your favourite pair of shoes.
  • Alternatively, a look to bear in mind for spring. Try a brightly coloured V-neck pulled on over a neutral polo shirt. Stick to black for the polo and see what colours suit you best; again reach for some spring colours like light blues, greens, purples and reds. Or if you’re feeling brave try colours that complement each other such as a teal polo with an aqua blue jumper, or a red polo with a fuchsia jumper. Then pair these with my go-to spring item, white, beige or pale grey jeans/chinos, cuff them up and go sockless with a pair of brown loafers for the ultimate casual spring time look.
  • For a relaxed formal approach, try using a medium grey crew-neck jumper with a white shirt. Pair with charcoal grey chinos/suit trousers or dark denim jeans and those brown loafers for a smart evening outfit. Also, try swapping the jumpers colours around but still keep them neutral and get adventurous with types of shirts. Think plaid, stripes and bolder colours. Why not add a navy or grey blazer over it as well for those still chilly evenings?
Crew Neck Lookbook Inspiration

reiss aw13 m&s aw13 Luigi Bianchi Mantova aw13 zara editions aw13 ovadia & sons aw13 office shoes ss14 reiss aw13 digel aw14 sanahunt ss13

V-Neck Lookbook Inspiration

reiss true to form aw13 h&m modern classics selected homme aw13 perry ellis ss14 ovadia & sons aw13 he by mnago winter 2013 ravazzolo aw13 sarar aw13 M&S Savile Row Inspired aw12

Final Word

So there you have it my budding sartorialists, another essential item of clothing to add to your wardrobe. They really are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing you can own and are the one thing I can rely on to see me through the days when I don’t want to think too much about what I’m wearing. Steve McQueen was rarely seen out of one, and if it was good enough for him