Men’s Fashion Basics – Part 77 – White Jeans

Not that long ago I wrote a basics article on introducing some coloured denim into your wardrobe, with the purpose of opening people’s eyes to other options out there besides the colour blue. However, with the brief sunshine we were blessed with last week, I saw a large number of people out there that may have taken this idea a step too far. As should be apparent by now, I am all about making sure you’ve got your basics sorted. A classic streamlined and versatile wardrobe not only allows you to get dressed in the dark and still look great but also allows you to feel safe in the knowledge that the pieces you are buying now will still be stylish in many years to come. How much can that really be said for those bright lilac jeans you just purchased as soon as the sun appeared? But white jeans? White jeans are a different story altogether. They are just as appropriate during the colder months as they are in the summer (which is good news for us U.K. residents) and can be paired with pretty much everything that’s already in your wardrobe. The one thing most guys struggle with is the obvious one – dude, they’re so white! Well, yes, they’re white jeans after all. And the great thing about white is that it is the ultimate neutral. Which means it can be paired with absolutely any colour you can think of. If you liked grey because it was so versatile, then you’re going to love white! Due to the fact they’re jeans, you also don’t have to worry about it washing out a skin tone – as they’re nowhere near your face. Sure, they’re going to get dirty easier than other items in your collection but as opposed to its brother the white chino; a little bit of wear and tear will add character to them. As long as you stick to a pair that are slim – not skinny – and have minimum detailing on them, you can’t go wrong.

How To Wear

If you need some inspiration on what to wear white jeans with, why not ease yourself in with these three easy to pull off looks?

Look 1

With white being a neutral colour it naturally lends itself to other neutrals such as navy, grey and black. For a great smart-casual or evening drinks look, why not pair the jeans with a light blue oxford cloth shirt and a navy v-neck jumper? Finish the look off with a classic shoe such as a black penny loafer. Roll up the hems and those sleeves, maybe even throw in a canvas driver’s hat, and your ready to go. The great thing about this look is that you can change the colour of any of these pieces for another neutral and it will still work. Endless options!

  • Farah Vintage The Brewer Oxford Cotton ShirtFarah Vintage The Brewer Oxford Cotton Shirt
  • Aubin & Wills Cotton And Cashmere-blend V-neck SweaterAubin & Wills Cotton And Cashmere-blend V-neck Sweater
  • Ami Slim-fit Garment-dyed Stretch-cotton JeansAmi Slim-fit Garment-dyed Stretch-cotton Jeans
  • Grenson James Leather LoafersGrenson James Leather Loafers
  • Kg By Kurt Geiger Arden Washed LoafersKg By Kurt Geiger Arden Washed Loafers
  • Ted Baker Herringbone Flat CapTed Baker Herringbone Flat Cap
Look 2

Have you always wanted to pull of the ‘double denim’ look but never really been able to figure out a fail safe way to do so? Well, that’s what these white jeans were made for! The easiest way to pull of wearing more than one type of denim is to change one pieces colour and texture to the other. For example, a soft chambray shirt in any shade of blue will fulfil this role. Or if you don’t like a shirt, why not try another spring/summer must-have – the denim jacket – and keep things simple with a t-shirt in navy or black to finish it all off. This is a pretty casual summer day look so I’d go for a casual shoe (such as a boat shoe or canvas trainer) for the icing on the cake.

  • Allsaints Scythe ShirtAllsaints Scythe Shirt
  • Commodity Stock Navy Basic One-pocket TeeCommodity Stock Navy Basic One-pocket Tee
  • Topman Bleach Denim Western JacketTopman Bleach Denim Western Jacket
  • Religion Map28 Manor White JeansReligion Map28 Manor White Jeans
  • Sperry Top-sider Amaretto Leather Top-sider Deck ShoesSperry Top-sider Amaretto Leather Top-sider Deck Shoes
  • Converse All Star Slim PlimsollsConverse All Star Slim Plimsolls
Look 3

A popular trend look at the moment is the tonal outfit (i.e. one of all the same colour) in colours such as grey or blue. This can be done with white but requires a slight twist to make it look stylish rather than tacky. It’s an extremely popular look amongst our Italian friends when the warmer months role around and is a look I love to break out on occasions. Pair your white jeans (or even chinos in this case) with a crisp white dress shirt and then anchor it with blazer of some kind either in grey, navy or a rich achromatic colour such as beige or brown. Don’t forget to include a belt, to break up the white on white at your waist, and include a pair of elegant dress shoes. The belt and the blazer not only anchor the use of an all-white base but compliment and play off the white due to their similarly neutral colour. If you are feeling slightly more adventurous why not try a blazer in a subtle pastel colour such as mint green or pink?

  • Joseph Beige Stretch Cotton Raphael BlazerJoseph Beige Stretch Cotton Raphael Blazer
  • Richard James Slim-fit Linen BlazerRichard James Slim-fit Linen Blazer
  • Regular Fit Cotton Blend Jeans Hugo 667/8 By HugoRegular Fit Cotton Blend Jeans Hugo 667/8 By Hugo
  • American Apparel Poplin Long Sleeve Button-down Shirt With PocketAmerican Apparel Poplin Long Sleeve Button-down Shirt With Pocket
  • Austin Reed Brown Leather BeltAustin Reed Brown Leather Belt
  • Churchs Sheldon Leather Oxford ShoesChurchs Sheldon Leather Oxford Shoes
Men’s White Jeans
  • Allsaints Sodium Cigarette JeansAllsaints Sodium Cigarette Jeans
  • Uniqlo Men Skinny Fit Tapered JeansUniqlo Men Skinny Fit Tapered Jeans
  • Ted Baker Sewwats – White Denim JeanTed Baker Sewwats - White Denim Jean
  • Five-pocket Cotton Blend Jeans Hugo 021/2 By HugoFive-pocket Cotton Blend Jeans Hugo 021/2 By Hugo
  • Reiss Cruise Straight Leg Coloured Jeans WhiteReiss Cruise Straight Leg Coloured Jeans White
  • Acne White Optic Max Slim JeansAcne White Optic Max Slim Jeans
  • 1969 Slim Fit Jeans Color Wash1969 Slim Fit Jeans Color Wash
  • Peoples Market Skinny JeansPeoples Market Skinny Jeans
  • Religion Slim JeansReligion Slim Jeans
Final Word

So there you have it guys, a rundown on why white jeans should be the first thing on your list when it comes to branching out your denim collection. They’re just as versatile and stylish in the winter as the summer and go with pretty much anything you can throw at them. So why not give them a try and tell me what you think in the comments section below. Matt Allinson

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