We haven’t seen many new trends or dramatic changes within men’s hair over the past few years. Hairstyles have been tweaked here and there but overall, classic cuts have been in fashion for a while now.

Last season the 1990s-inspired look was everywhere – it seems fashion and hair has got a bit of its edge back. This is further emphasised by the fact that a large proportion of men are now sporting exaggerated hairstyles with extremely short and tight sides with longer, often disconnected, length through the top.

So, what’s going to be the ‘next big thing’ in men’s hair?

The Key Hairstyle For 2014

After reviewing the SS14 catwalk presentations from recent global fashion weeks, it seems as though there is going to be a new go-to cut come spring/summer 2014 – and I truly believe it’s going to develop into a HUGE hair trend.

Everyone from Burberry Prorsum to Christopher Kane sent models down the runways sporting this new ‘do’, whilst the likes of Topman Design and Duckie Brown gave us a glimpse at the more exaggerated and edgy ways you could choose to style the cut:

Top: Burberry Prorsum SS14 | Middle: Christopher Kane & Duckie Brown SS14 | Bottom: Topman Design SS14

What Is This Haircut & How Will It Be Worn?

With the rise of the quiff and traditional, masculine hairstyles, the majority of men have been wearing their hair to the side or pushed back for a few years now. However, soon it’s going to be all about the fringe.

I first noticed this change in approach during the Topman Design collection for the current AW13 season. This particular showcase can be viewed as the birth or beginning of this new cut, complete with a shorter fringe – which gets longer as we move into spring/summer 2014.

Guys will continue to have the back and sides short and sharp. It can be created with a lower fade, which will allow movement within the haircut, whilst the crown area will stay relatively short to enhance the length at the front. The hair is kept heavier and longer towards the front, and will need to be cut into in order to take some of the weight out.

There are a variety of ways you can wear this haircut. Some men prefer a more classic and balanced look, whilst I personally love the more extreme ways of cutting and styling it, such as when the back and sides are kept really tight and taken high into the crown. The length that’s maintained through the front will also make a huge difference to the overall look of the style.

Finally, this hairstyle is a great option for guys who are receding around the front hairline as it can cover up your problem area in a natural way, instead of looking as though you are purposely trying to hide it.

Lookbook Examples

Adding Some Colour

Adding colour to this hairstyle would really enhance the front section of the cut. Avoid going too stark with bleach unless your hair is already fairly light.

I would suggest having some highlights in foils or done freehand. Try going a few shades lighter – the amount of colour comes down to personal preference, so either opt for chunky pieces or leave a slight root and simply lighten up the ends.

How To Style

This is the exciting bit as this cut can be worn in so many ways and is ultra versatile. It can also be styled differently depending on your mood/the occasion and the way in which it’s styled will alter as the length gets longer.

I would always suggest using a hair dryer to dry the hair – this will ensure your styling products perform properly.

Try applying a small amount of smoothing cream to freshly washed hair and then blow dry forward with a small round brush to get a sleeker and longer finish through the front.

To make a dramatic statement, try blow drying the front around the brush to give it more of a bend and a rounder, ‘bowl-like’ appearance – see Duckie Brown SS13.

If blow drying with a brush seems too much like hard work, apply a heat protector, blast dry with the hair dryer and then straighten with ghd stylers – this will give the hair an extremely smooth finish.

To get more of an unkempt, scruffy finish, blow dry and then scrunch the hair with a volumising mousse. This will create movement and enhance the texture in the hair, allowing the front to bounce up a little.

In terms of finishing product, you can apply a firm hold gel for a natural shine or scrunch in a matte fibre/paste/clay product for a slight hold.

  • Ghd Gold Mini Styler
  • Babyliss Pro Max 2000w Hairdryer – Silver
  • Corioliss Thermochronic Ceramic Brush – Ex Small
  • Philip Kingsley Smooth Cream 100ml
  • Tresemme Heat Defence Styling Spray 300ml
  • Paul Mitchell Heat Seal 250ml
  • Loreal Tecni Art Full Volume Extra Mousse 250ml
  • American Crew Firm Hold Gel 250ml
  • Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Firm Hold Gel 200ml
  • American Crew Fiber 85gm
  • Lock Stock & Barrel Ruck Matte Putty 100g
  • Men-u Clay 100ml
Final Word

So there you have it, what I (and, it seems, the fashion industry) consider to be the next big men’s hairstyle trend.

The fringe is officially back – so let me know your thoughts and whether you are ready to try something different for 2014 in the comments section below…