A Kind Of Guise AW12

With our disposable income continually on the decrease, it’s important to make good decisions when purchasing new clothing. The key is to buy items that not only fit with your personal style, but will also transcend the seasons. Trend defined fashion is fast and not always the sensible option, so steering toward timeless styles and high quality fabrics will ensure a saving in the long run.

This is why A Kind Of Guise is the ideal brand for your fashion needs. Its emphasis on local sourcing, renewable materials and clothing functionality and quality make it a wise choice for your wardrobe.

The current collection, “The Carpathian Season”, works within a rich palette of rust and navy. With intelligent layering and original detailing running throughout, the collection boasts an array of quirky designs and skillful construction. An accessible aesthetic of modern smart-casual means it can be worked into any existing wardrobe with ease, whilst the use of shearling collars and bold accessories provides you with the statement pieces required to individualise your personal style.

Key pieces within the collection include the oxblood wax mac and the stone grey duffle coat. However, our favourite piece here at FashionBeans is the stripy blazer. With a vivid display of olive green, rusty orange and black stripes this piece, although bold, can work as a versatile separate with ease. Its varied design means that when matched with other classic pieces, such as dark denims, the result will be effortlessly stylish and undoubtedly original.

Aiming to place a little more thought into fashion, A Kind Of Guise offers a meaningful alternative to other more disposable designs.

A Kind Of Guise AW12