Agi & Sam’s T-shirt Generator

There has been a lot of talk lately about Agi Mdumulla and Sam Cotton. With the design duo making a real name for themselves in the British menswear scene due to their love of eccentric patterns, the gentleman have decided to let you, the great British public, play their game.

Whilst you may not have the cash or the cojones to don one of their controversial suits, if you head over to their website you’ll discover an ingenious t-shirt generator. To make the machine work, you simply pick out a print from any of their previous collections (viewable on their Facebook page), email them a picture of it and tell them whether you’d like a half-print (top or bottom) or a full cover. In two weeks you’ll have a brand new statement tee ready to show off.

We don’t know about you but the FashionBeans team are always on the look out for tees with a little something extra. A selection of high quality t-shirts is something every man should have at his disposal; the type you can throw on effortlessly with your trusty indigo jeans or tailored shorts and know you look good.

If you’re currently looking to build your t-shirt collection, Agi & Sam could help you out.

Prices range from £50 for a half-print up to £70 for a full cover.

For more information head over to

Agi & Sam’s T-shirt Generator