Archibald Optics

Archibald Optics produce high-end spectacles at a lower price point by cutting out the need for retail and selling exclusively online. With British design and Japanese craftsmanship at the core of each product, the brand was founded with the principle of merging functionality with aesthetics – resulting in a collection of classic 1950s inspired frames that have a vintage, gentlemanly appeal.

Through their online business model the brand are able to charge honest prices for eyewear designed in London and handmade by gifted artisans at their manufacturing facilities in Fukui, Japan. In addition to this they also design and manufacture all their frames, so unlike many designer brands – who license their name to eyewear manufactures – Archibald have complete control, from design through to production.

Their Japanese lens laboratory ensures that each of the hand-crafted frames are fitted with premium quality, 1.67 (high) index lenses, which are bespoke according to the prescription you provide. Each pair arrives individually marked, directly from Japan.

The collection features fourteen vintage-inspired designs with both plastic and metal frame options available. With such beautiful and classic designs you may wish you actually had lacklustre vision so that you were required to rock a pair!

The plastic frames are made of high quality acetate and each design comes in a variety of colour options, from timeless black and navy to tortoiseshell and translucent finishes.

The stand out style has to be the ‘Ambrose’, which features large oval shaped lenses and a curved frame that helps to soften the face. In terms of colour choice, the Jet Black are truly outstanding, and have a very Johnny Depp feel to them.

Alternatively, if you prefer metal spectacles, look no further than the ‘Milford’ model, which features circular lenses in a silver finish frame. They have a quirky John Lennon vibe to them and would become a statement piece within any outfit.

If you’re finding it difficult to decide what style would suit you, Archibald offer a free ‘try before you buy’ service. The company will send you three sample frames of your choice to try at home, helping you decide exactly which pair best suits your personal taste and face shape.

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Archibald Optics Collection

Archibald Optics Collection