Baracuta Synonymous and Antonymous Campaign

Baracuta have dedicated their spring/summer 2013 collection to the exploration of their signature G9 Harrington jacket. Their debut ‘Synonymous & Antonymous’ campaign features a short film where contrasting men – in terms of style, interests and professions – explain how the G9 is a common factor in all of their lives. Each duo is filmed describing their particular style and how the jacket became an influential item within their wardrobe and look.

For example, the founder of Notting Hill Carnival, Sir Norman Jay, a self proclaimed Jamaican ‘rude boy’ with a hint of the original 1960s Mod influence, is paired with a Skinhead electrician. Whilst a professor, whose style was interpreted as a 1940s gas station attendant on a date, is juxtaposed next to a 1970s ivy league student DJ.

The differing couples represent how the G9 is an iconic garment that appeals to each British subculture. Age, culture and lifestyle have no effect on their fascination with the jacket. The collar that “pops” and keeps in the warmth, the subtle tartan lining and the hand warmer pockets are qualities that are celebrated in the film and make the G9 universally acclaimed.

So, which subculture are you from? A Skinhead? A 1960s Mod? A rude boy? No matter what era inspires your creative style, a Baracuta G9 can easily be incorporated into your everyday look. If I was you, I would have a sneaky rummage through your dad’s wardrobe, he’s bound to have one.

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Baracuta Synonymous & Antonymous Campaign Video

Baracuta Synonymous and Antonymous Campaign