Bukki Clothing

It could be said that when it comes to fashion, there is always another boundary that can be pushed. However, creative designs and an open minded approach are often enough to produce truly original pieces.

Bukki is an independent label with a very unique way of designing. Appearing to draw influence from trends and styles both old and new, the pieces on offer combine vintage quirk with modern urban styling. With concessions in Topshop/Topman and U.S Urban Outfitters stores later this year, it is safe to say that the brand’s popularity is growing swiftly. When considering the current collection, this comes as no surprise.

Graphic logos and clashing prints remain strong throughout many of the designs, with the concept of contrasts proving most popular. Shirts are boldly split diagonally between prints and neutrals, whilst fabrics are mixed and matched endlessly.

It’s this fearless approach, whilst maintaining an accessible commercial appeal, that sets Bukki apart from the crowd. Accessories play a vital part in understanding the aesthetic, whilst a limitless appreciation of colour is also necessary if you were to adopt the look.

Remaining all but conservative both in design and style, Bukki may just be the home of that one off, stand out piece you’ve been striving for.

You can shop the collection over at Asos Marketplace now.

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Bukki Clothing