Cadet SS14 Collection

Brooklyn-based brand Cadet has released the lookbook for their spring/summer 2014 collection. Adopting a strict navy blue palette, the military-inspired collection draws on classic regiment uniforms.

Covetable and wearable, the collection features a generous mix of casual and formal pieces, with timeless suits making a welcomed appearance. Included in the collection is an appropriately themed poppy print along with jacquard, floral and camo patterns. Meanwhile, cosy jumpers, blazers and suit trousers populate the editorial, with stand-out pieces coming in the form of the graphic tank tops and a bomber jacket.

The clinical aesthetic of the lookbook, shot against the white walls of a photography studio, reflects the clean lines and crisp silhouettes of the garments. Fabrics have been carefully selected and dyed using the brand’s own custom colours.

Cadet was founded by couple Brad Schmidt and Raul Arevalo. According to Schmidt, the pair, “Took inspiration from post-war military academies… but also thought of what cadets may have worn out of uniform.”

In conversation with Next Magazine, he went on to explain: “Raul and I are different sizes, so we wanted to make sure our clothes were made for different body types.”

Schmidt worked for eBay for six years whilst Arevalo headed the technical design departments in large retail stores before the pair turned their attentions to the brand.

Cadet’s spring/summer 2014 collection is anticipated for a February release and will be available at the Cadet Brooklyn shop and online at

Cadet SS14 Collection