Calvin Klein Concept Commercial

The American Super Bowl is widely acknowledged as one of the most watched sporting events across the globe. Taking place a couple of weeks ago, the event drew as much attention for its ulterior elements as it did the actual sporting showcase.

With BeyoncĂ© performing a fifteen-minute medley of her greatest hits, the amount of international viewers multiplied tenfold. This, therefore, undeniably served as an ideal marketing platform for all those whose adverts featured within the commercial breaks, enabling them to project their campaigns to a broad, global demographic. The very thing that Calvin Klein did…

By featuring an advert where the ratio of abs to clothing is greatly outweighed – along with the abs in question being well and truly defined – one can only expect a positive response. We are all familiar with the saying ‘sex sells’, and Calvin Klein are synonymous with implementing this ethos into every campaign they produce – to great success.

Renowned for being one of the world’s leading designer underwear brands, their advertising never fails to evoke feelings of lust, or envy, over their models complete aesthetic impeccability.

The advertisement that featured during the Super Bowl was filmed in black and white and took on a ‘less is more’ approach. With no elaborate special effects or scenery, the model, Matthew Terry, simply poses before the lens in a pair of briefs, subjecting us all to what can only be described as perfection. This supports the ‘concept’ that the underwear is extremely wearable, due to its 360 degree movement and breathable material – exactly what we need for the endless hours we’re now going to spend in the gym trying to attain something resembling Terry’s physique.

Hetro/metro/homosexual, I’m sure all will agree that Matthew Terry presents all that is man. Masculinity, sex appeal and the ability to make each viewer raise an eyebrow or two simultaneously as he graced our screens, are what contribute to Terry’s captivating on screen presence.

Take this and couple it with the mastery of Stephen Klein, the visionary expert behind ‘Concept’, and Calvin Klein has a recipe for success; something which became apparent when #CalvinKlein trended worldwide within seconds of Terry gracing our screens. It looks as though that $4m per thirty-second slot may have been money well spent Mr. Klein.

The ‘Concept’ advert has therefore reinforced Calvin Klein’s position at the forefront of the underwear market. I believe there is a lingering hope in each male’s mind that when putting on a pair of the briefs donned by Terry, we too will look just as good. Here’s hoping I’m not the only one who was stood in front of the mirror at home after purchasing a pair in Selfridges.

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Calvin Klein Concept Commercial