Calvin Klein SS14 Review

Blue is the new black if the deep and dark, star-shaded catwalks of Milan Fashion Week is anything to go by. Appropriate for most occasions: casual, business or formal, it is a hue that transitions from day to night seamlessly. Classic, yet surprisingly fresh, it suits all different skin tones, personal preferences and temperaments. All it asks is that you take the time to find your perfect shade.

A very accomplished and beautifully executed collection by Italo Zucchelli, Calvin Klein’s creative director, proves the point. Multiple shades – from morning sky pale to Yves Klein intense – defined the minimal, utilitarian silhouettes that have become the designer’s signature.

Baseball jackets and biker vests cut from the most advanced high-tech fabrics and supple leathers sit alongside button-up shirts and sleeveless tank tops featuring a streamlined fit and flawless construction. The collection is the perfect meld of sportswear and high luxury.

Klein’s well-known futuristic elegance was punctuated by masterful use of light and colour. Inspired by the work of James Turell, a series of photo-printed t-shirts and sweatshirts captured mesmerising seascapes and breathtaking sunsets. The same can be said for the colour-blocked separates, reminiscent of Turrell’s ethereal installations. A kind of art and fashion fuse that is not only an object but also an experience in perception.

As the music faded, the lights rose and the seats emptied, Klein – under Zucchelli’s command – left the impression that this was a show out to set the menswear bar high.

Calvin Klein – Milan Fashion Week

Calvin Klein SS14 – Milan Fashion Week