As a regular FashionBeans reader, we would assume you already know the importance of developing a classic and timeless capsule wardrobe that can adapt to any situation and occasion. We would also expect you to consider the little touches that can take an outfit to the next level – your choice of accessories, how you mix colours/patterns and the subtle detailing that marks you out as an individual.

However, perhaps THE most important component of your ‘look’ is YOU. The confidence you exude, how you carry yourself, your posture and the other personality traits that cannot be bought by the everyday male.

With this in mind, we should always be striving to better ourselves. Learning the basics rules of fashion will help you put together a great outfit, but having a understanding of the unwritten rules and required etiquette of social situations is the key to becoming a well rounded and well respected modern gentleman.

G.H.MUMM Champagne Protocoles iPhone App

Historic champagne house G.H.MUMM (established 1827) has released an iPhone application on how to be a true gentlemen with champagne. The brand’s iPhone app, Champagne Protocoles de G.H.MUMM, is designed to educate users on the rituals and rules of champagne, so that you can stand out effortlessly from the crowd at any formal event or social gathering.

This beautifully created, 12-chapter guide to 100 key champagne protocols covers all the dos and don’ts of champagne. With everything from how to sabre a bottle of champagne and bring it to the perfect temperature to which glass is appropriate for serving, there is nothing left uncovered.

It truly is a fascinating read, which is made all the more enjoyable by famed Israeli designer and artist Noma Bar’s beautiful illustrations throughout. For the modern gentleman, it is a must have app – and with it currently being available for FREE from iTunes, there is really no excuse not to own it.

Download the Champagne Protocoles de G.H.MUMM iPhone app from iTunes now and visit G.H.MUMM website for more information.

Chapter X: Intensify The Champagne Moment

G.H.Mumm have kindly provided FashionBeans with a preview of the chapter ten (of twelve) of their excellent Champagne Protocoles guide to share with our readers today. The chapter is the very latest to be released by G.H.MUMM, is entitled ‘Intensify the Champagne Moment’ and we can exclusively reveal two of the key protocoles below:

No 83 – Or A Carafe

“Naturally, your indignation on reading this title will know no bounds. And yet, while pouring champagne into a carafe may appear sacrilegious, (by risking dulling its effervescence) in fact, as long as a tubular carafe is used it can help the champagne release its aromas and body thanks to contact with the air.

Therefore, this unusual gesture should be reserved for champagnes that are precious, mature and/or balanced (like the Demi Sec). A further convincing argument is that executed with precision and elegance, using a carafe can form part of the serving process. It would thus be doubly a pity to pass this by.”

Champagne Protocoles de G.H.MUMM - No 83 Or A Carafe

No 87 – The Champagne Fountain

“Not satisfied with sommeliers’ parade? Very well, perhaps it’s time to wheel out the flute pyramid or champagne fountain. Spectacular, fragile, magnificent, the cascade of golden bubbles is part of Champagne legend. The good news is that it’s not that hard to do. All it needs is for you to organise your coupes, (or flutes, or wine glasses) on a stable and flat base.

The key is to place your first glasses in terms of the final desired shape: four for a square, three for a triangle, only one for a round pyramid – the other glasses are then placed in concentric circles around the first. At every level, place your glasses at alternate intervals. Once the construction is finished, pour the champagne from the top: when it flows, it fills the glasses, layer by layer. Cue applause!”

Champagne Protocoles de G.H.MUMM - No 87 - The Champagne Fountain

Enjoy G.H.MUMM responsibly: for the facts