Christopher Shannon SS14 – LC:M

Never one to fade into the background, the Christopher Shannon show had its anchor firmly rooted in acid house and the generation of ravers we always longed to be aged eleven (not that we knew of any all-night raves – we just loved the bright colours and the smiley face logos). A multitude of colour came down the runway thick and fast, like a kaleidoscope on an acid trip with a liberal dose of glitter hair for good measure.

There were two interesting designer collaborations integrated within the SS14 offering; first, a continued partnership with Kickers that offered some interesting hybrid shoe/sandal creations and second, the teaming up with Liberty London to produce some delightful boxer shorts. The liberty print boxers were given a vibrant acid house update and appeared prominently tucked into shirts and poking out of trousers – a look that would not translate well to real life.

Elsewhere the liberty print took on new life as it was applied to typically Shannon sportswear pieces. These garments were the most covetable and are sure to be on the majority of shopping lists come next spring.

As ever, the Shannon show was one filled with OTT style but there was a beautiful simplicity to individual pieces that would ensure they integrate effortlessly as separates into any contemporary wardrobe.

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Christopher Shannon SS14 At LC:M

Christopher Shannon SS14 – LC:M

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