Close Shave Society

A new online membership service is attempting to redefine the way men shave. The recently launched ‘Close Shave Society’ is aiming to arm supporters with razors that rely on quality over celebrity endorsements.

The club’s ethos is to shave both time and money off grooming regimes, delivering quality German-manufactured razors to members’ doors for a small monthly fee. The intention is to bring shaving back to basics by offering champion razors without the “Unnecessary lavish components of bigger brands”.

The society’s heads, Zach Hanauer and Dane Straw, believe that by cutting out the middleman, they can eliminate the extortionate prices of razors.

As well as selecting from three styles, members can also chose between monthly or bi-monthly delivery. Each Close Shave razor comes equipped with stainless steel blades and aloe vera glide strips. Every entry into the club comes with a free handle and the fee includes postage and packaging.

Members are currently able to chose from three razors:

  • The Bullet-Tooth Tony: men’s 3 blade razor (£4/month, £4.50/bi-monthly, £42/yearly).
  • The Houdini: men’s 5 blade razor (£6/month, £6.50/bi-monthly, £66/yearly).
  • The Brazilian: women’s 5 blade razor (£6/month, £6.50/bi-monthly, £66/yearly).

Founder Zach Hanauer comments: “These days, we rarely have time to keep up with our everyday activities, let alone keep ourselves in tip top shape. That is why we decided to launch Close Shave Society, making it easier for you to keep yourself groomed without having to hit the shops.

We have ensured a high quality razor by opting to go with a German manufacturer instead of choosing a cheaper alternative. Once you have subscribed you will never need to worry about buying razor blades again; in fact, you can have them delivered to wherever you need, be it home, work, your partners house or even the gym!”

To join Close Shave Society visit

Close Shave Society

Close Shave Society