Converse Accessories #MYCANVASJOURNEY 2013 Campaign

On the 7th of February Converse launched a new campaign designed to raise awareness of its accessories line. Gathering a group of 23 renowned industry Instagram bloggers on London’s Rooftop CafĂ© – including everything from MTV presenters and actors to designers and stylists – each was presented with the Converse Canyon Duffel Bag. Their instructions were pretty simple: use the bag daily for the next 23 days, and document your journey as you go.

The campaign is now into its fourth week and we’re hooked; the bags have popped up in dinosaur museums, Times Square and at London Fashion Week. We’ve also got to see what’s inside: Men’s Health, cats, and some Agent Provocateur underwear. And they’ve been doodled on – expertly, as you would expect from artists Lee Scratch Perry and The Gallows.

As a result, each bag has taken on a life of its own, full of character with their individual scuffs and customisations. As is the case with any pair of Converse trainers, the more battered they are, the better they look. You can’t help but covet one of the bags for yourself, especially when they are in the clutches of creatives such as FashionBeans’ own street style collective photographer Jonathan Daniel Pryce, the man behind the notorious ‘100 Beards, 100 Days’ and ‘Another Garcons’ blogs.

So far there have been three further challenges to develop intrigue and interest, in case your attention wasn’t already fully committed to the concept. The challenges have been vaguely titled in order to allow the participants to interpret them however they like: ‘Show Your Colours’, which sparked the tattooing of graffiti like illustrations; ‘Me, Myself and I’ saw a series of photos showing how the effortlessly cool Instagrammers like to style their bags; and ‘What’s Inside’, which allowed us a glimpse of the day-to-day (and expectantly interesting) lives of their owners.

The journeys will culminate in the bags being presented alongside a photo installation at Hoxton Gallery in Shoreditch, East London between the 15-17th March. For now, you can follow the journeys on Instagram under @MYCANVASJOURNEY, or search #MYCANVASJOURNEY to see what each individual blogger has been doing.

Converse Accessories #MYCANVASJOURNEY Campaign


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