David Beckham Bodywear for H&M

Have you ever had that embarrassing moment when you get your dressing gown caught in the car door just as your other half is driving off? Me neither but David Beckham has and by the looks of things he really wants it back.

This fantastic promotional short is brought to us from the weathered eye of Hollywood director Guy Ritchie and shot on behalf of H&M. Beckham has been the face of some rather nice bodywear basics from the Swedish multinational for a good few years now and I remember seeing them for the first time three years ago at the Bull Ring shopping centre in Birmingham. They had a 15-foot silver sculpture of the football icon plonked right in the middle of the store and all I could think about was how my hair and my pecs definitely did not look as good as his.

Well to rub it in my face further, we can now see him in (almost) all his naked glory racing through the back gardens of some rather tasty properties. Over walls, across tennis courts, passed Dobermans and through a pool, Becks even scores a cheeky Fifa Street-esque goal to the disbelief of a few neighbourhood kids. Did I mention he does it all in his slippers?

The David Beckham Bodywear for H&M range is available from £7.99 at H&M UK.

Looking good isn’t important, it’s everything.

David Beckham Bodywear for H&M