The Importance of RFID Protection

We’ve already told you about the amazing magnetic collar stays from Würkin Stiffs and how they let you achieve that crisp and sharp look you desire on a daily basis. This time, we want to introduce you to yet another innovative everyday style essential from the brand and make you aware of the importance of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) protection.

In a world where technology is continuously evolving, criminals are always coming up with new ways to commit cyber crime and exploit vulnerabilities you may not yet be aware of. One of the fastest growing crimes of the 21st century is identity theft, which is when someone “uses another’s personally identifying information, like their name, identifying number, or credit card number, without their permission, to commit fraud or other crimes”. Victims can experience the loss of large amounts of money from their bank accounts or even the stress of being held accountable for the criminal’s acts of fraud until the matter is resolved.

Many already take precautions to counter-act again such crimes – such as shredding personal documents, being vigilant at cashpoints and the like – but the majority of individuals are not aware that inexpensive wireless scanners are now available that can scan and store identity and credit card details from just metres away.

They to do this via RFID. Modern cards now incorporate RFID chips into their actual structure, and these constantly transmit your personal information digitally through a radio frequency chip that can be picked up and read with the correctly technology.

This is where the RFID Wallet by Würkin Stiffs comes in…

Würkin Stiffs RFID Wallet

The Würkin Stiffs RFID Wallet helps protect your identity by blocking the aforementioned scanner’s signal. A thin alloy matrix is fused between the embossed Italian calfskin leather, keeping your information inside the wallet and you safe in the knowledge that any credit, bank, identity or health cards you have stored in it are protected.

How It Works: Video

Style & Protection

However, as a modern, stylish male this protection isn’t enough – you need your wallet to look great as well. After all, it is an accessory that you carry with you each and every day, and it can even become one of your trademark pieces.

Luckily for us, the RFID Wallet by Würkin Stiffs has the looks to back-up its innovative features. Constructed in a beautiful Italian calfskin leather, it is soft to the touch and available in timeless black. Not only that, the internal section and trim of the wallet is available in a range of colours – from striking blue or red to coordinating charcoal or black – meaning you can make as much of a statement as you like.

For those that constantly find themselves travelling for business or pleasure, the same technology is also available in a handy passport wallet, which again features calfskin leather construction, a contrast or coordinating trim and external money pocket for convenience.

Priced at 75 Euros for the Wallet and 95 Euros for the Passport Protector, they are definitely a worthwhile investment. Imagine how much time, money and stress you could save yourself by protecting your personal information.

RFID Wallet & Passport Holder by Würkin Stiffs

  • Würkin Rfid Wallet – PacificWürkin Rfid Wallet - Pacific
  • Würkin Rfid Wallet – PacificWürkin Rfid Wallet - Pacific
  • Würkin Rfid Wallet – PacificWürkin Rfid Wallet - Pacific
  • Würkin Rfid Wallet – MidnightWürkin Rfid Wallet - Midnight
  • Würkin Rfid Wallet – BrickWürkin Rfid Blocking Wallet With Outside Card Pocket - Brick
  • Würkin Rfid Wallet – AntifreezeWürkin Rfid Blocking Wallet With Outside Card Pocket - Antifreeze
  • Würkin Rfid Wallet – ShadowWürkin Rfid Blocking Wallet With External Money Pocket - Shadow
  • Würkin Rfid Passport Wallet – ShadowWürkin Rfid Blocking Passport Wallet With External Money Pocket - Shadow
  • Würkin Rfid Passport Wallet – AntifreezeWürkin Rfid Blocking Passport Wallet With External Money Pocket - Antifreeze
Würkin Stiffs Accessories

The Würkin Stiffs range doesn’t stop at the RFID Wallet – they stock a wide range of innovative and unique essentials for the modern man. Like their one-piece Cufflinks with mind blowing images on both sides of the cuff; stylish knotz™ contained in a crystal-clear glass vial with a natural cork stopper; as well as Fashion Power Stays™ that keep your shirts and polos looking their best all day long.

Shop the full range over at the Würkin Stiffs website.

  • Herringbone Gold/blueHerringbone Gold/blue
  • Plaid Purple Union LinkPlaid Purple Union Link
  • Heads UpHeads Up
  • Grey & Blue KnotzGrey & Blue Knotz
  • 6 6.25cm Power Stays Most Popular Size6 6.25cm Power Stays Most Popular Size
  • Herringbone Black Union StaysHerringbone Black Union Stays
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