Fabio Attanasio is a name you will become more and more familiar with, and one day, you will mention him before the great Luca Rubinacci and Simone Righi when referencing the most stylish Italians.

Whilst I am aware of the boldness of that statement, it was not one written with shaking hands or bated breath. Fabio’s style is based on a process of osmosis and therefore constantly evolving, yet his outfits remain classic and grounded by timeless attire.

However, what really distinguishes Fabio from his fashionable counterparts is his well-rounded perspective on the intrinsic elements that help make a well dressed man a truly stylish one. This article will show how the elegance that belies his years is completely in tune with the character of the gentleman.

Fabio Attanasio &

Fabio’s personal website,, has many great pictures and interviews with renowned stylish men, and I urge you to take a look. It is also a fantastic insight into the nature of Fabio; his humility and enthusiasm for the finer side of men’s fashion is apparent and transmits itself to the reader in an unabashed manner that highlights his appetite for learning.

In his own words, he started the website upon realising his inspiration was being sourced from foreign blogs, whilst back home in Italy, strangely enough, nobody in the blogosphere was fully reflecting his idea of style and elegance. In fact, Fabio isn’t too different from you and me – citing menswear blogs as one of his main sources of inspiration.

Most impressively, Fabio is keen to emphasise that true style is not just the result of good quality clothes but an elegant balance of classic beauty and individual traits – an ethos the majority of FashionBeans readers will surely relate to. Intrinsic to any stylish gent is an equally graceful lifestyle, where one’s demeanour and attitude towards others complements their appreciation of material goods and aesthetics.

“I felt like an unconventional point of view was missing, thus I decided to address my blog to all those modern gentlemen out there who share my same passions: women, clothes, dogs, interior design, trips and other haberdasheries.”
Fabio Attanasio

Fabio is fortunate enough to have travelled the world, and his time spent observing and assimilating his environment is often cited as a source of inspiration for his outfits. For example, on his website he details that the choice of navy and burgundy within one ensemble was inspired by the colours and surroundings of Bordeaux. This very personal presentation of himself through the medium of his outfit ensures his style is authentic and a true representation of his personality and life experiences.

Fabio Attanasio: Style Analysis
Fabio Attanasio Lookbook

Fabio Attanasio Lookbook

Fabio’s interaction with some of the most sartorially inclined men on the planet has certainly helped his style develop, and is part of the reason why he describes his style as a “constantly evolving classic”. Interviews with Lino Ieluzzi, Valentino Ricci and Luca Rubinacci mean that ‘icons’ are not necessary for Fabio – he takes elements he appreciates of these people and restyles them to his own design.

Having recently passed his law degree, Fabio knows the importance of attention to detail: silk knots in the lapel hole, a quality pair of hand-crafted glasses, deciding the knot of your tie depending on its width – each of these seemingly minute considerations adds something extra to the overall aesthetic, helping turn a good outfit into a great one.

The key to finding out and defining your personal style, as Fabio has done, is trying new things: “I love experimenting, pairing different fabrics, textures, colours and patterns, always trying to keep a balance.” Yet he clearly understands the importance of balance. By getting the balance of your outfit right, by that I mean paying attention to your colour combinations, texture juxtapositions and accessories, you will always look like you are wearing the clothes, not the other way round.

Fabio favours tailoring over more casual garments, often utilising separates in order to create a slightly more relaxed, smart-casual aesthetic. He rarely pairs bright colours together, choosing to neutralise bold items with more muted tones. That being said, he isn’t afraid to clash patterns – but note how he is careful to get the colour of this juxtaposition correct to avoid visual blur.

Being an Italian, it is no surprise that Fabio believes that style is not only related to what you wear but also how you wear your clothes and make them yours. These touches of personality are second nature to the Italians, but they should be an integral part of all of our getting dressed. Sprezzatura is an artistic flair that can be dialled up and down, and should be something you strive to incorporate into every one of your outfits.

Inspired By Pieces
  • Austin Reed Viyella Blue Tonal Check Linen JacketAustin Reed Viyella Blue Tonal Check Linen Jacket
  • Reiss 1971 Broadgate Double Breasted Blazer IndigoReiss 1971 Broadgate Double Breasted Blazer Indigo
  • Reiss Harding B Two Button Dogtooth Blazer Light GreyReiss Harding B Two Button Dogtooth Blazer Light Grey
  • Autograph Cotton Rich Trench Coat With StormwearAutograph Cotton Rich Trench Coat With Stormwear
  • Marc By Marc Jacobs Slim-fit Washed-denim JeansMarc By Marc Jacobs Slim-fit Washed-denim Jeans
  • He By Mango Cotton Suit TrousersHe By Mango Cotton Suit Trousers
  • Easy Classic Utility TrousersEasy Classic Utility Trousers
  • J.crew Flecked Knitted Cotton TieJ.crew Flecked Knitted Cotton Tie
  • Selected Roll Neck JumperSelected Roll Neck Jumper
  • Reiss Abyss Linked Diamond Print Pocket Square BordeauxReiss Abyss Linked Diamond Print Pocket Square Bordeaux
  • Illesteva Lily Blond SunglassesIllesteva Lily Blond Sunglasses
  • Paul Smith Shoes & Accessories Woven-leather BraceletPaul Smith Shoes & Accessories Woven-leather Bracelet
  • Tods My Colours Plaited-leather BraceletTods My Colours Plaited-leather Bracelet
  • Topman Miller Suede Slim Soled LoafersTopman Miller Suede Slim Soled Loafers
  • Allsaints Merit ShoeAllsaints Merit Shoe
Inspired By Outfits
Outfit One

This first outfit is easy to replicate and a favourite among many trying to find the line between smart and casual. Fabio naturally takes this classic look up another notch, focusing on the relationship between fit, texture and colour.

Grown up jeans (with no rips or dramatic discolouring) paired with a blazer is a go-to combination for many stylish men. Fabio wouldn’t settle for anything ordinary (and neither should you) and is always confident in his choice of blazer. It is important that the blazer is predominantly a wool composition, as cotton, linen or silk do not sit well with denim. Italians know that fit and proportion are extremely important, hence our choice of a more structured shoulder on the jacket to balance the formality of the outfit.

A crisp white shirt and a brown woven belt anchor the look. Fabio is careful not to go overboard with extraneous elements and as such a well chosen handkerchief will suffice.

Dark suede chukka boots would polish the look with a European suaveness but a more British choice of brogues has its own merits. Wondering what to wear for coffee has never seemed so simple:

  • Topman White Long Sleeve Curve Collar ShirtTopman White Long Sleeve Curve Collar Shirt
  • Reiss Melville B Flannel Mixer Blazer BlueReiss Melville B Flannel Mixer Blazer Blue
  • Levis Jeans 501 Straight Fit HookLevis Jeans 501 Straight Fit Hook
  • Reiss Gunsmoke Triangular Geo Hank OchreReiss Gunsmoke Triangular Geo Hank Ochre
  • Tods No_code Suede Desert BootsTods No_code Suede Desert Boots
Outfit Two

A washed cotton jacket is perfect for spring, and was exhibited perfectly in L.B.M 1911’s recent SS13 lookbook. Unbuttoning the cuffs and rolling up the sleeves just a little is an unobtrusive display of sartorial prowess, and suits this relaxed formal look. I would opt for a maroon/burgundy blazer in this instance and layer it over a smart denim shirt in a mid-wash – enabling you to wear a tie if you so wish.

Although Fabio shies away from pairing multiple colours together, dark green khaki trousers create a balanced palette. Loafers are a louche choice and correspond harmoniously to this aesthetic. For the record, Fabio’s personal choice is Alden Shell Cardovan tassel loafers, and said shoes in a dark brown would fit the bill perfectly.

Details such as the fold of your pocket square are of paramount importance, and Fabio also likes to wear bracelets of all colours. Men’s jewellery is an individual touch and therefore rings, necklaces and lapel pins of personal significance are all fair game:

  • Asos Denim ShirtAsos Denim Shirt
  • Boglioli Slim-fit Unstructured Cotton And Linen-blend BlazerBoglioli Slim-fit Unstructured Cotton And Linen-blend Blazer
  • Diesel Trousers Akysspo CombatDiesel Trousers Akysspo Combat
  • Topman Tiny Ankh Charm BraceletTopman Tiny Ankh Charm Bracelet
  • Reiss Shackleton Plain Rib Sock NavyReiss Shackleton Plain Rib Sock Navy
  • Churchs Leather Penny LoafersChurchs Leather Penny Loafers

Fabio is a menswear aficionado but he is also a paragon of a younger generation of Italian men, whose penchant for challenging the old guard is one done with panache and innocent experimentation.

However, Fabio is also an original member of this avant-garde movement; a synthesis of creativity and judgement that shines through in his personal style, which breaks boundaries on its own.

Let us know what you think of Fabio’s style in the comments section below…