Floris Patchouli

The Floris family has quite the legacy behind its name: the eponymous and beautifully decadent boutique in London’s St James’ Quarter was opened in the early 1700s by Juan Famenias Floris, and is still run by his descendants today.

As a purveyor of luxurious scents for almost 300 years, the family business boasts an impressive back catalogue of clients that includes Winston Churchill and Marilyn Monroe, and still produces each of its fragrances and toiletries using many traditional methods in their family-owed factory in Devon.

Within Floris’ current selection lies two inherent collections: The Classic and The Private. The former catalogues the exploration into perfumery as carried out by the various generations of the Floris family; whilst the latter holds the family’s most prestigious range of scents.

Either created by the family to mark a specific occasion or developed as a bespoke scent for a particular client and later released to the public, each of the perfumes within The Private Collection is worked over meticulously by Floris’ in-house perfumer so as to weave an intricate web of story behind each unique fragrance.

Inspiration is drawn from the vast and interesting array of people and events which are inherent throughout the Floris family’s rich heritage, encapsulating their widespread and exotic history by sourcing exquisite oils and essences from around the globe in order to create truly unique scents. To emphasis this, each of The Private Collection’s perfumes are produced and sold in small batches only, so as to truly exude a feeling of exclusivity.

From this desire to create a scene behind the scent, Floris’ newest addition to The Private Collection, Patchouli, is inspired by 1960s London – a Chelsea studio, to be precise – in the calm of the early hours of the morning. The ambient imagery coincides with Patchouli’s top notes of soft, creamy coconut, which contrasts with the amber and vanilla used to create a darker base to the scent. Cedarwood adds a musky, woody fragrance that brings the contrasting themes of the perfume together.

Touches of iris, rose and ylang ylang are subtly used within the heart of the fragrance, altogether combining to embody Floris’ desired imagery of raw sensuality against a darkly elegant backdrop.

Floris’ Patchouli scent is priced at £99 and available exclusively at Harrods.

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Floris’ New Patchouli Scent

Floris Patchouli Scent