Working within the constraints of a uniform day after day can dampen even the highest of fashion spirits – particularly if said uniform doesn’t leave much room for negotiation.

The fashion savvy will, of course, work their way around this by way of accessories; a colour-clash tie or some cuff links to catch the eye whilst clinching those all-too-important business deals. If you’re not one to don a full suit, a belt is an all too simple – yet often overlooked – way of injecting a little personality to whatever you’re wearing.

If these words are ringing true and you’re looking for something a little extra special to splash some cash on, we recommend that you take a look at FREYWILLE. The brand was born in the beautiful city of Vienna and specialises in producing an equally beautiful range of fire enamel jewellery and artistic accessories, including scarves, ties and pens.

Renowned for its luxurious, artisan heritage spanning back to 1951, FREEWILLE currently has 102 boutiques worldwide across the likes of New York, Beijing and Paris, as well as two stores in London at Piccadilly and Sloane Street. Despite the brand’s rapidly increasing popularity, FREEWILLE is opting to keep expansion plans to a minimum so as to reflect the exclusivity of production; though they are choosing to invest in a third London boutique this October in order to meet demand.

The new boutique, which is set to open its doors on South Molton Street, W1 on October 18th, will feature the full menswear collection of Italian silk ties (in a variety of vibrant colours, from red to silver) and tie clips; a selection of leather belts that feature one of either the Captain or Admiral buckle style with an artistic embellishment for the design; a range of cuff links with elaborate graphic shapes; as well as a wide range of artistically decorated, fire-enamelled pens, which all feature impressive 14kt gold nibs.

Each of FREYWILLE’s collections is inspired by famous artists and historical art motifs, with each piece hand crafted by in-house designers. Sold exclusively in FREYWILLE boutiques, there is no online shop.

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