The Gentleman

“One cannot take a day off, for being a gentleman is a full time occupation” – Douglas Sutherland

For true gentlemen, etiquette is something that comes naturally and chivalry is a secret code shared amongst the elite and passed onto a select few deemed worthy of its knowledge.

However, this is all about to change. In less than two weeks, on Thursday 19th September 2013, a private members club in London opens up its doors to host an event that sets out to teach the men of today gentlemanly etiquette.

Gentessential Event

Gentessential Event logo

We at FashionBeans cover a myriad of topics that includes men’s style, grooming and fashion. If, like us, you cannot get enough of these fashionable facets then Gentessential is the event for you.

On hand to bring back all that is quintessentially gentlemanly, Gentessential is a relaxed fun social evening that aims to impart the secret code of style, chivalry and etiquette to those who seek it.

As you walk around the Gentessential rooms you will have the opportunity to discover and try a myriad of male-based essentials:

  • Male grooming guidance by the esteemed Refinery Spa.
  • Shoe shining secrets and footwear care from the meticulous Shoe Shine UK.
  • Wine tasting and fine dining.
  • The art of peacocking pocket squares, neck tie tricks and bow tie tying by Peckham Rye.
  • Tailoring trademarks and style advice from Austin Reed.
  • Cocktail making and drinking with the resident mixologist from Purl.
  • Gentlemanly etiquette and chivalrous conduct by the royally renowned Randolphs Butlers.

The informal nature of the event allows for all attendees to peruse and move about the Gentessential rooms at their leisure over the course of the evening. Interacting with the Gentessential experts from the worlds of fashion, fine dining and quintessentially courteous conduct, this is the perfect event for all aspiring modern day gentlemen.

Find out more at or follow @Gentessential on Twitter for the latest information.