Gucci Launch ‘Made to Measure’ Fragrance

The word ‘Gucci’ is synonymous with many things: luxury, high fashion, opulence. However, arguably, at the top of the list should be impeccable fit. This season, Gucci bring their expert craftsmanship and sartorial savvy to the creation of their new fragrance: Made to Measure.

The first thing we noted on receiving the scent was the striking bottle design – it is definitely one that will take pride of place on a bathroom shelf rather than fester in the back of a cabinet. On pulling off the signature equestrian style lid we pondered “would this be a case of style over substance?” – However, our fears proved unjustified as it was clear at first spritz that a new classic fragrance had been created.

The scent is light yet masculine, thanks in part to bergamot and orange blossom top notes, which are delicately balanced with a spicy, masculine base of cinnamon, juniper berries and plum.

“One further ingredient is required: the man. For a suit is merely a beautiful silhouette until its owner wears it. It is only then—when worn—that it becomes something more. Similarly, the perfume’s refined leather and rich spices combine with the warmth of the skin, the Made to Measure man’s character, and the style in which he wears it.”
Gucci Made To Measure

As you would expect with a name like Gucci, only the highest quality ingredients have gone in to creating both the Made to Measure scent and bottle. For example, the bottle features: the signature of Guccio Gucci in jet enamel; a solid metal cap that is hand finished and therefore completely unique; and the famous Gucci horsebit loafer detailing sitting prominently on top.

Even the box itself has not been neglected, with the packaging featuring Gucci’s Diamante pattern, which dates back to the 1930s, along with a muted gold and gunmetal variation of the iconic Gucci web stripe. It just goes to prove that the brand have really tried to emphasise the ‘made to measure’ element and subsequent attention to detail they are renowned for throughout the creation of the fragrance.

As we know, fragrances come and go at an alarmingly fast rate but a made to measure suit is for life – we have a feeling that this scent will also stand the test of time and become a favourite for many years to come.

Made to Measure by Gucci is available exclusively from Harrods, priced at £49 for 50ml.

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Gucci Launch ‘Made to Measure’ Fragrance

Gucci Made to Measure Fragrance

Gucci Made to Measure Fragrance