To begin with a confession, I don’t own nearly enough accessories. Certainly not even half the amount I should or a third the amount I claim to.

It seems an ironic statement given that on the day of this realisation a pair of Havana frame Persols frequented the breast pocket of my jacket. However, on a day where they dipped all-too-frequently in and out use, I also conceived that an umbrella probably would have been a better option – and I don’t own one of those.

So what better what to remedy this assessment than to accept an invitation to Hackett’s unique concept store in Spitalfields, London to take part in their latest spring promotion.

Hackett x Aston Martin

Hackett has become synonymous with sport since first getting involved with polo in 1987 and rugby, The Boat Race and Le Mans (among others) subsequently after. One of the brand’s most successful pairings is found in Aston Martin, the wheels often beneath James Bond’s impeccably cut suit.

The partnership is a perfect match when the lineage of both brands is considered. In the same year Jeremy Hackett and Ashley Lloyd-Jennings met on Portobello Road, an encounter that would eventuate in the opening of Hackett’s first store four years later, Aston Martin first put keys in the ignition of a vehicle christened the ‘Bulldog’. On equal parts it’s an illustration of the Britishness that underpins both establishments.

For spring 2013, the duo are offering shoppers a chance to win one of four incredible prizes: from a racing kit containing a canvas bag, rugby shirt and leather card holder to an Aston Martin V8 Vantage Roadster (terms and condition state the latter is to be placed on a rota-basis with myself and other FashionBeans editors).

In order to win one of these prizes, all visitors have to do is spend over £200 on Hackett goods in store or online. How much you spend determines your prize bracket.

I was personally invited to join the Hackett team to pore over the latest stock (including the exclusive Aston Martin collection), play out how to enter the opening bracket and take part in a Q&A centred around my choices.

The Prize Brackets

£200 or over – One of 10 Aston Martin Racing by Hackett kit bags.
£350 or over – One of 4 VIP excursions to the Le Mans 24-hour race.
£450 or over – One of 2 Aston Martin weekend breaks.
£650 or over – An Aston Martin V8 Vantage Roadster.

How To Spend It – £200
Hackett Knitted Dot Tie

Ties are a delicate subject, but when is something knotted at the neck not? I own ties, plenty in fact, but do I have enough in red or pink, with stripes, enough that look just as good as a four-in-hand as they do a half-Windsor knot? Probably not.

Hackett’s knitted dot tie provides enough nonchalance to make all the above irrelevant. Frame with an all-blue suit and champagne pocket square for unrivalled sartorial aptitude.

Hackett Knitted Dot Tie

Leather Numbered Key Ring

Sartorial audacity dictates that the devil is in the detail, although to what extent the detail must be studied is often debated.

However, if sprezzatura was ever to be evident among keys, it would be achieved through key rings. Hackett’s leather numbered key rings are rooted in their ties with polo, with each digit representing a different position. Given that number 3 is usually the captain of the team, it seemed a natural choice.

Leather Numbered Key Ring

Leather Mayfair Laptop Case

Tech is, rather unapologetically, becoming an increasingly important part of the male wardrobe. The importance now lays with not what to carry but how to carry it.

This dapper variation of the often unappealing laptop case sports the bowler hat moniker repeated since Hackett’s début showing at London Collections: MEN in 2012.

Leather Mayfair Laptop Case


What quickly became evident is how easy it was to skulk over into the next prize bracket. After reaching for a burgundy pocket square and several other leather accessories honouring a bowler hat moniker, FashionBeans was well on its way to a rather suave company car (not to be shared on any rota-basis previously mentioned).

After ringing everything up at the till, I – along with many guilty men – still own less accessories than I arguably should. Equally, my claim will continue to be divisible by three for the forseeable. Perhaps that’s just my excuse to return or proof that you can never have enough.

Shop the latest Hackett collection and secure your entry into the competition at

FashionBeans At Hackett Spitalfields Store

Hackett London x Aston Martin Promotion

Hackett London x Aston Martin Promotion

Hackett London x Aston Martin Promotion

Hackett London x Aston Martin Promotion

Hackett London x Aston Martin Promotion