Hard Graft Bill Folder

Wallets are very important to a man, and that’s why I have hundreds of them that I never use. The vast majority are presents that have been bought for me but the problem is, wallets are too personal to not buy yourself. On the flip side, finding one that you’re prepared to use everyday isn’t easy.

Simplicity is something I tend to lean towards in my style choices these days. When I was younger it was all about vibrant colours and big graphics, and I’ve noticed over the past few years how my attitude towards fashion has mellowed and is much more laid back.

With this in mind, the ‘Bill Folder’ from Hard Graft is so laid back it’s horizontal. Made from a single piece of über premium Italian leather, it features two pockets: a larger one for notes and a smaller one for cards.

It is one of those items where you feel that everything – from the thickness of the stitching to the positioning of the engraved logo – has been meticulously considered, ensuring it is effortlessly simple but perfectly practical. Please note the nicked corners, which provide you with the ability to poke your cards out rather than fumble fruitlessly at the till.

Now, the brand say you can fit six cards (and possibly more) once the leather has been worn in but the beauty of a super-slim wallet is the fact it’s a size zero. We don’t want any bulk, as Matt Allinson has already broken down in his top five rookie fashion mistakes article. It’s a constant reminder that I don’t need to hoard all those old petrol receipts and that in life I really only need my credit card, driver’s license and a student ID (you know, for the discounts). Oh, and my Nando’s loyalty card.

Available for £90 at www.hardgraft.com.

Looking good isn’t important, it’s everything.

Hard Graft Bill Folder