Hermés Scarf Collection

A selection of beautifully crafted Hermés scarves went on sale on international fashion site Yoox.com last week. With eclectic yet vibrant pieces from the 1960s, to more contemporary takes on the silk scarf, the full collection comprises of 37 timeless styles.

The silk garment, known as a Carré, was traditionally intended to be worn by women around the neck, although, I see no reason why these pieces couldn’t lead a double life as a men’s pocket square or Bohemian inspired neckerchief.

According to Yoox, there are 36 different ways to wear a scarf of this calibre – meaning you will be able to find new and interesting ways to add your own personal ‘spin’ to any look you choose to integrate it into. However, I must recommend practice to be carried out on a standard handkerchief before embedding a blanket of creases into this precious material. Albeit a lengthy read, Silkhandicrafts provide a detailed guide on how to care for such an item.

The patterns on these scarves are said to have taken years to create, which is why you can expect to pay in the region of £500 for such a luxury piece of craftsmanship.

Described as a “valuable jewel to behold”, part of me thinks this range would be better suited to a high-security, luxury auction room. The absurdity of the designs will bring a shot of life and more than a touch of flair to any outfit.

See samples of the collection below or head over to Yoox if you wish to invest in an iconic piece of Hermés history.

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Hermés Scarf Collection

Hermés Scarf Collection