Jack Wills AW12 Collection

It is safe to say that Jack Wills has had a difficult relationship with the fashion world. Although quickly dismissed by some as the preserve of “Yahs” – who think style consists of sporting sweatpants and a body warmer adorned in copious “JW” branding – it is hard to deny that they do offer some genuinely impressive pieces that channel the quintessentially British aesthetic whilst providing the building blocks of a versatile wardrobe for the younger man.

The Jack Wills look relies on blending student staples such as jeans, hoodies and t-shirts with more traditional items such as brogues, heavy knits and moleskin trousers. It results in a collection that has a distinct look yet is easy to wear – especially as the styling and colour palette seem deliberately restrained in order to allow the utmost versatility when it comes to putting together outfits.

A steadily growing feature of recent collections, and one that has been emphasised for AW12, is a focus on tailoring. The range of suiting takes traditional styles, such as a grey herringbone suit or an impressive navy chalk striped number, and translates them for a younger market with a contemporary slim cut. The tailored pieces are also mixed with less formal items such as coloured trousers or jeans for a relaxed smart style that provides an alternative option to suiting up this season.

While the range may not be for everyone and is perhaps still rather loungewear heavy, Jack Wills does offer a selection of high quality pieces that exhibit an iconic and distinctly British style. With its focus shifting towards a more refined, tailored look it will be interesting to see how Jack Wills continues to develop and define itself throughout 2013.

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Jack Wills AW12 Collection:

Jack Wills A/W 2012 Collection

Jack Wills A/W 2012 Collection